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Mary rated it 5 stars on 5 on Amazon.

My mother has suffered with Ulcerative Colitis for years and as her care giver I feel her pain as well. She tried to follow her doctors suggestions but they were few and not very helpful. What I really like about this book is it was written by someone with first hand experience trying to cope with digestive problems. Chantal goes into great detail explaining her struggles and successes. I found myself sympathizing with her as well as cheering her on.

The book comes with detailed recipes that I look forward to trying. I found the information to be very helpful and comforting. I thank the author for sharing her inspiring story.


Jeff rated it 5 stars on 5 on Amazon

There are a lot of great options for me to use in this book. I'd like to cook for my wife more often (she has Ulcerous Colitis), but was afraid to try new things. I also like that there is a lot of advice from the author for anyone - especially those newly diagnosed - and she shares her story without holding back. It's compassionate and realistic. Great job!