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I'll Take You to See the Ocean

Annette Phillip rated it 5 stars on 5 on Amazon:
Beautiful story about a mother taking her son on a trip to see the ocean. It's heartwarming and sad with happiness. A mother who lost her husband and still trying to move on from it. The time spent with her son on the trip is full of adventure, love and peace. Great read
Amazon Customer rated it 4 stars on Amazon (india):
If you would like to go on a cruise with James, Caroline and Captain Rodgers, then board it! A beautifully written short story of a mother and son's first journey on the ocean.
Melanie P. Smith rated it 5 stars in Connections eMagazine
Elen Khodakivska rated it 5 stars on
Heartbreak and heartwarming novella!
If you like touching novellas full of bitter-sweet moments, you’ll enjoy reading this one
Genre: Novella   
Language: English
Release date: 2021
The Plot:  Caroline lost her husband when she was eight months pregnant. She is a single mom who is doing her best to raise a little human into a noble grown-up. In her late twenties, Caroline dedicates all her free time to her son and tries to make his childhood full of happy and memorable events. She knows that the 5 y.o. boy dreams of seeing the ocean one day. So, Caroline decides that a cruise to the Magdalen Islands will be a bright memory in her son’s collection of memories. Together, they set off for a trip that will hugely influence both.

The Writing Style: It is one of the most touching, heartwarming, and heartbreaking novellas I’ve recently read. Besides the fact that the writer managed to describe all the scenes, actions, and details so accurately and perfectly that I felt myself traveling with Caroline and her son, the author also depicted the “mother-son” relationship brilliantly. I cried a lot because there were a couple of episodes that made my heart squeeze. I giggled a few times because some hilarious moments filled my soul with pleasant warmth. I did enjoy the educative and informative facts that the writer added to this glorious story. In general, the writing style is enjoyable and pleasurable. A reader can definitely read it in one sitting.

The Characters: The number of characters is minimal. I don’t even remember reading such stories, where there are only two main characters and a few minor ones. At the same time, I enjoyed how the whole story was focused on those two. They were described amazingly and enough for me to feel an emotional connection with them.

Warnings: Illness, grief, anxiety

Would I read other books by this author:
Undoubtedly, yes!

My humble rating is: 5/5
Kim Smith rated it 4 stars on Goodreads:
The author took such pains to involve all the senses in her book. I felt like I was there! Delightful!!
Arlene Lomazoff-Marron gave it 5 stars on Goodreads:
What a nice story about a special trip for mother and son. I have never traveled to this part of Canada, but with the author's description, I felt like I have.
Gerald Yung rated it 4 stars on Goodreads:
A delicate story of a single mother taking her son to Magdalen Islands. The precious moments between mother and son are beautifully crafted. Despite her best attempt to put on a happy front with her son, you sense that she is hiding away a stronger emotion (which we will know is grief). Every scene warms your heart.

The author is a master of crafting the human emotions of loss, love, and compassion. A purist may find that there is too much telling not showing, but I find this direct narrative style refreshing.

Overall, I really enjoy the story and I look forward to the author’s future work.
Tenkara rated it it 4 stars on
This short story is delicate and sweet, and the author does a great job of making the reader feel like they are on a cruise with Caroline and her young son, immersed in all all the sights, sounds and smells. The word delicate kept coming to mind as this story read like a precious and maybe even fragile memory of a time between mother and son. There is a bitter-sweet undertone to the story and moments where I felt full of emotion. There is a letter written in the book and one thing I really wanted was to know what that letter said. I’ll just have to imagine it was as full of love and sweet thoughts as the whole story. One part i loved was when the boy’s mother buried a treasure chest that she brought with her to the beach just so her son could dig it up and believe he unearthed a treasure chest. What a loving gesture. Beautifully written, delicate, fragile and sweet. A great read if you just want feel like escaping into something lovely.
Jennifer Loiske rated it 5 stars on Goodreads:
I'll Take You to See the Ocean is a piece of happiness wrapped in an inviting, mind soothing package. The cover itself took me to a trip the second I saw it and as always the author delivered just what I needed right now.

A young mother, Caroline, takes his son to a trip to Magdalen Islands. Their journey is described so well, that the reader feels as if they were with them. The pace and the atmosphere of the story pulls the reader easily in and fills their hearts with warmth and joy. When on these challenging times one can only do imaginary trips, I was delighted to be invited on one only by opening this wonderful book. So thank you to the author for giving me a moment of joy and making me smile.

Highly recommended!
Joan L rated it 5 stars on
What a charming story of mother and son! Anyone with children will enjoy this lovely journey.
Comment sent to me by a reader in a private message:
Hi Chantal, I read your book. It was really cute and easy to read. I enjoyed it.
Reader 2010 rated it 5 stars on
What I've always liked about this author's books is the slice of life approach. This one didn't disappoint. It's a sweet evening's entertainment. There are parts that make anyone who has raised a child, chuckle. Good read.
Jeffrey Overall rated it 5 Stars on
I really enjoyed the tone of this uplifting story with bittersweet moments. It doesn't falter, and kept me entertained until the end. The characters and their interactions felt real to me. It was a relaxing and nice read that was easy to get in to.