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Doug Simpson rated it 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon

This is the next instalment following the author’s book titled Not Alone and once again includes events and travels from the authors personal experiences incorporated into a fictional novel. The detailed descriptions recounted in this story are amazing, absolutely amazing, so readers will have no choice but to believe they were actual experiences or the product of some fantastic research. I am looking forward to diving into the next installment, already downloaded on my computer.


Rambling Rose rated it 5 stars on 5 on Amazon

Chantal Bellehumeur hits another home run with this feel good sequel to Not Alone. I picked this up to read immediately after finishing the first one and was not disappointed in the least. Harmony is just as much fun to follow as in the first book. She meets her share of struggles, but has the knack to prevail and come out on top. The characters are all so sweet and wonderful to read about. I love that the style of her writing did not suffer in the sequel, as often happens. I would not mind reading even more about Harmony in the future!


Jan Raymond rated it 5 stars on five on Amazon

I received a complimentary copy of Really Not Alone from the author in exchange for an honest review.

I absolutely enjoyed this book. I wanted to curl up in bed over a weekend and suspend life while I read the book. That didn't happen but the warmth and happiness that this story gave me is completely precious. I haven't read the first book 'Not Alone' and it was only after reading earlier reviews that this story works well as a standalone that I decided to read it first. But now I have got attached to Harmony and the other characters in the book and want to read the first book and find out how it all started.
I like the first person narrative. It makes the character a living breathing entity and she speaks to you. You feel what she feels, you feel happy when she does, you're rooting for her and for everything in her life to work out exactly as she wants it to. And when everything falls into place, you can't help the feeling of utter joy that courses through you.
This is a book that will make a happy day, more wondrous, a great pick-me-up on one of those days where things just seem bleak and a good read for any time of the day, any time of the year. Pick it up and feel good!



Debbie rated it 5 stars on 5 on Amazon

Really Not Alone is a sweet story that catches you from page one with real life situations. You have health issues, sibling problems. It is a tale of struggles that people face on a daily basis. This sequel to Not Alone was a great addition to the story.



Amber Royce rated it 5 stars on 5 on Amazon

Once again, you've blown me away with the sweet simplicity of your amazing characters and their lives. Really Not Alone is just that! The amazing story has a way of pulling you in at the very beginning and your curiosity grows through out the entire read. Unique, simple, sweet and addicting! I look forward to reading more of this author's masterpieces! -Author Amber M. Royse




Brenda Perlin rated it 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon and Goodreads

Really Not Alone by author Chantal Bellehumeur is sweet story that grabbed my attention as it took me right in. Immediately I was curious. It was easy to get absorbed into. A story filled with a real life force and heart.
This book was an uplift to me and made for an easy read that is well written and had me thinking
I see things coming together for this character Harmony which makes me feel happy for her and optimistic. Made me think of my own life with positive feelings.
I like the authors use of language Feels diary like at times and revealing. Pulled me in. Raw, emotional and unguarded. Things that I enjoy in a book. This has a good story that had me reading with enthusiasm. I was entertained.



Thomas Baker rated it 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon


"Really Not Alone", the sequel to "Not Alone", is a work that has its genesis in the reader - writer relationship. Quite simply, Author Chantal Bellehumeur was asked by a reader for...MORE! The story of Harmony and her family had left her wanting to read more. So how do you go about writing more when it was not your original intent? The auther tells us, in her author's notes, (quote) "At first I wasn't sure how to continue the story of Harmony, and then I realized that I had already made suggestions in "Not Alone". My character got engaged and also mentioned her plan to go whale watching, so I used that as a starting point...The rest of the story ideas soon followed." (end of quote)
What readers will find in this book is a compelling story. The author has taken great pains to provide as much realism as possible in her story. The anecdote she provides about the Ritz Carlton in Montreal is warm and clearly indicative of the spirit and enthusiasm, as well as the dedication that went into this book. I have no doubt her efforts are responsible for the authenticity the book has.
In sum, this is a very well-written book that fans of the genre will thoroughly enjoy. If you did not read the first book, "Not Alone", do not despair. "Really Not Alone" reads well as a standalone. It has its own merits which recommend it to be read right now. You can always go back later and read Not Alone, or better yet, ask the author to write MORE!




Raving in Alaska gave it 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon

Really Not Alone is another sweet slice of life from this author. If is filled with a down to earth, look at life and love. Most of all it tells of a woman regaining family along with a loving husband. In the first book, Harmony's relationship with her sister expanded and grew. Now, the planned wedding changes things for her yet again. A look into eastern Canada is also included as Harmony travels around her area. Quite interesting to me as it is an area I have always wanted to see. In short, this is a lovely story about someone who makes discoveries regarding family that enrich her life. I really enjoyed it.



jennifer Loiske rated it 5 stars on 5 on Amazon

After reading Not Alone I was excited to hear more about the protagonist's, Harmony Goodhumor's, life. Her life has not always been easy but in Really Not Alone she finally seems to have all the puzzles together. She has a wedding to plan and some whales to watch and with all that she has Christian, a man of her dreams, standing next to her.
Usually I'm not so in to this kind of books as most of my reads are somehow related to paranormal stuff, but Chantal Bellehumeur's books always makes me feel good. Really Not Alone was a refreshing read among my vampire hotties and after reading it I couldn't stop myself from smiling. Yes, there was a warm glow inside of me and a feel that life is good.
Chantal's writing style is quite unique, reminding me of a diary at places. The narration is very detailed and realistic and it is done with such care and light hand that the story flows like a river. Easily and effortlessly. I highly recommend Really Not Alone as well as Not Alone to anyone who wants some 'easy-living' and a break from this busy life we are living.