Emily-A Compilation of Short Stories

Emily-A Compilation of Short Stories


This heart-warming compilation contains the twelve family oriented short stories "A Mother's Love," "A Father's Promise","An Unplanned Wedding," "Emily's Birthday Getaway," "Emily and Veronica," "The Halloween Party," "Rest in Peace," "Happy Holidays," "Nadia's First Birthday," "Saint Valentine's Day," "Saint-Patrick's Day," and "The Coming of Spring" originally published in The Suburban Online Magazine between April 2013 and April 2014.  They are all about the same loving characters, mainly Emily Jacobson.  It starts off with Emily finding out that she is pregnant at the age of eighteen.  The stories then follow about one year of Emily's life as a new mom, loving wife, and traveler, among other interesting things. 

(On a side note, for anyone who has read Chantal Bellehumeur's fictional diaries "Veronica's Soap Opera Life," "Veronica's Attempt at Romance," and "Veronica's Happily Ever After," the main character Veronica in featured in the Emily series.)


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