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''My Memoir of Motherhood''

(Originally published in the compilation book ''They Call me MamaBear'' put together by Amber Royce, and republished seperately.)


Doug Simpson rated it 5 stars out of 5

The author has experienced an interesting life to date, sometimes happy and sometimes not so happy, but always interesting. Still in high school, she experienced a shocking pregnancy. She pretty much decided that abortion was the best solution and booked an appointment at an abortion clinic. Fortunately, her boyfriend did not desert her. They changed their minds on the abortion and were blessed with a happy, healthy son which they both adored. The relationship with the boyfriend lasted almost five years but they eventually went their separate ways leaving the author as a single parent. This is never easy but the author’s determination to provide the best life possible for her son was pretty much successful. This is a quite interesting account of their journey together from birth to the son’s early teens. Everyone should find it enjoyable and it is certainly a valuable guide book for single teen mothers.

Shielding rated it 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon


A sweet and honest tell-all memoir about the joys of motherhood! By turns funny, sharp and raw, Chantal will leave you half-wanting a kinder of your own. It opens with the compelling question posed by the author's son, "Did you ever want to have an abortion?" It goes on to chronicle the tribulations and joys of a very young mother with the support of family and friends. An uplifting and sweet summer read!



Al-Khemet ook Club rated it 5 stars on 5 on Amazon


Chantal has written a very personal, touching and moving memoir. A book like this is meant to resonate with a broad audience but it is indeed very touching for women who have considered abortion and a healing remedy for those who have done it.
It tells the tale of a young girl, freshly accepted into college and quite ready to begin the journey called life only to be met with a pregnancy test turning positive and it's no mistake, and with her dreams coming first and pregnancy unplanned, her first thought was abortion, and though she didn't do it, fast forward 14 years later and her beautiful, blond boy pops the curious question as if in his DNA holds the thought that his mother had planned to kill him. He looks into her soul with raw innocence and she bears her heart in her hand pondering emotionally how to speak the truth that might just break him for the rest of his life.
This book moved me beyond tears. And stands a personal favorite, books like these are very important and this book club endorses them.



Awesome combination of review and book excerpts by found on the blog I Love to Read and Review Books:

A Brave girl did a brave thing...

Young, and pregnant...

Chantal has to make a choice...
Does she keep the baby or abort it...

Thirteen years later he son asks her "Did you ever consider aborting me?"

"The truth was, I had thought about getting an abortion the instant I found out that I was pregnant with him because I was only eighteen years old at the time, still in high school, and had been accepted into the university program I wanted.

My handsome blond haired son stared at me with his brown eyes, patiently waiting for an answer. I didn’t want to lie to him, but didn’t know how to tell him that his father and I had not planned to have him and that abortion had been my first thought when I looked at my positive pregnancy test back in June of 2000. How could I look at my loving son in the eyes and tell him that I didn’t originally jump for joy and then happily announce the news to the whole world?

Obviously, I ended up changing my mind about getting an abortion and have absolutely no regrets about my decision."

This is Chantal's beautifully told, true story, of having her son and all the experiences of raising him.


"I don’t know what I would do without him.
Being a mother is truly the most wonderful thing in the world."

Your heart will be touched!
An inspirational true story!


Comment from Author Amber Royce:

I'm so glad you decided to put this memoir into your own book! You did an amazing job, and I am continuously getting compliments on your story in MamaBear! -Standing up and applauding you-


Stephen Swartz rated it 4 stars our of 5 on Amazon

Memoir is a strange genre: it purports to be true, for better or worse, but it also must read with the flow and drama of fiction in order to be entertaining.

Told in first-person, we get a strong, clear, warm voice of a woman experiencing motherhood--a reluctant motherhood, in fact, and all that implies. It is at times a difficult story to tell, but all is elevated by the interplay between the mother's thoughts, reflection, and introspection, and conversations with her son. It's an amazing sequence, an exploration of the motivations and issues influencing a decision about abortion or motherhood.

Yes, I'm a guy and so (some may think) I cannot possibly understand or appreciate the topics in this memoir, which was one reason I was drawn to it. But I am human, too, and I empathized with the narrator at every turn. The genuine feeling I got from reading gave me insight into the feminine side of humanity. In my own experience of fatherhood, we never kept a journal or saved more than a handful of mementos. But reading this brought back so many memories of my own experiences.

Of course, there are moments, scenes, episodes that tend toward the ordinary, everyday activities which to other people may not be so special. However, placed in the context of the overall narrative, they add details and context to the main "plot" of the tale. Daycare, shuffling work duties with child care, her child's development and gaining interests, displaying new talents, favorite this and that--all the things a new parent marvels at. Yet, as expected in a narrative like this, it is the ups and downs of everyday life that provide the drama.

I've previously read a couple short stories by this author (which are now collected in the anthology "Emily"), so I thought I would see what this "novella" was about since the themes of the stories were also experiences being a mother. I enjoyed the author's voice in those stories and it matches the voice in this memoir, one that is honest in tone and heartfelt in spirit.

If there are any faults in this short memoir, they are limited to the journalistic feel of the narrative, which if one takes it as a journal is still sufficient to be of interest to those about to be mothers (or fathers) and those who have already experienced this awesome phase of life. This is a memoir, after all, yet it is both a personal story and a universal one.



Melyssa Winchester rated it 5 stars of 5 on Goodreads

As the mother of four children, the oldest of which was born in the same year as the authors son, I identified with practically every moment of this book other than the travel. The emotions she experienced being pregnant at such a young age and then the wonder that is our children once they have come into the world was captured beautifully. This was a very heart warming and real read and I am so glad the author decided to take this route and share her experiences as a mother with the world. I also have to admit that hearing she was Canadian like me also made me love it even more.
I dare any parents of a child to read this and not be moved by it. I guarantee you will find a part of yourself within these pages.
Terrific read.


Danni rated it 5 stars our of 5 on Goodreads.


Paul England rated it 5 of 5 stars on Goodreads


Debbie rated it 5 stars our of 5 on Amazon

I felt as if I were reading this author's diary. So many heartfelt, private, touching moments. From being a single parent, health issues, financial woes and a lot of fun this is a touching poignant story of a mother's love for her child. A great read for anyone.


Harrylover110  rated it 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon

A nice and very detailed memoir of single young parents who decided to keep their baby. When her son was old enough to begin to understand, he asked her if she had ever considered aborting him. She gave him a brave and difficult answer that he took with aplomb and they were able to get past it. It's not very long and is almost like looking through family's photo album of memories.


Carol Ann Kauffman  rated it 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon

Memories of Motherhood by Chantal Bellehumeur is a gentle, touching memoir of a mother's years with her young son. It shows how she built a solid, loving bond with her child, despite  having health and financial problems, and being a single parent. Chantal has a special way of telling  her story. It's like sitting down with an old friend.


Author Jennifer Loiske  rated it 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon

I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I am a huge fan of Chantal's books so when asked to read and review this book I didn't hesitate a sec to say yes. And as always I didn't have to disappoint. The raw honesty of this story blew me away, the beauty of growing as a person made me cry. I think every woman, young or old, should read this story. As it is a proof that sometimes something magnificent can be born out of thin air, that even if the life does not always go as planned, there is a reason for everything. I can only imagine how proud Aidan, now thirteen, is about his mother. Not many can say their mother wrote a story about the love for her son. This book truly is a tribute of motherhood, and something that will most likely be cherished and shared to the generations yet to come.


Amber Royce rated it 5 stars out of 5 on Goodreeads

You have an amazing story to tell in this book! Thank you for allowing me to share it in They Call Me MamaBear. I'm happy you decided to put it into your own book and share it! Thank you for such a lovely opportunity, and I know that everyone who didn't read They Call Me MamaBear will LOVE your Memoir of Motherhood! :) Best of wishes! Amber


Comment sent to me in a private mesage from reader Marianne Yousan on June 5 2014:

I started reading the Memoir, very interesting as usual, I am really enjoying reading it.