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Doug Simpson rated it 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon

Not Alone was inspired by the sometimes rollercoaster life of the author. She originally planned on creating a memoir of her visit to Moncton, New Brunswick to see her sister but before long she realized she was blessed with the opportunity to pen an exciting fictional novel. She was right! As well as reading this interesting story, I was quite impressed with the description of their adventures in investigating the numerous sites and attractions readily accessible on day trips from Moncton. Anyone planning a trip to Moncton would definitely benefit from reading this story first. I have never visited there but it certainly sounds like a great place to check out. Nice job, Chantal.


Rambling Rose rated it 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon.

Not Alone is a beautiful, touching story about Harmony, who is going out on her own. She can't seem to find her footing and terribly misses her sister Katherine. Harmony's depression deepens and she goes through a number of bumps. The reader is brought along to see how she copes, how she navigates the waters of being alone - or is she? The book is extremely well-written and Harmony is so full of life as we follow her story. I went through a range of emotions reading and I only wanted to know more! I'm excited to read more of Chantal Bellehumeur!

Jan Raymond rated it 5 stars on 5 on Goodreads

I read this author's second book, ' really Not alone', first and liked it a lot. I wanted to pick up the first book understand more of the background and I'm glad I did. You get to understand why Harmony holds everything precious to her so close, when you read about her growing up years.
What she goes through is no one's fault but just a result of circumstances. As a voyeur you can see that, but you can't help but feel sorry for Harmony, a victim of situations.
You are rooting for happiness and a sense of security and a feeling of being loved and wanted for her. The author has brought out all these emotions in a simple but easily flowing way that makes it so real. If you enjoyed this book, I would suggest, getting the second one. You won't be disappointed. A beautiful story!


Al- Khemet Book Club gave it 5 stars out of 5 on Amazon

Not Alone reads like a young girls diary. Its about family relationships, and loss. Harmony Goodhumor's tale is a rather touching one and Chantal Bellehumeur writes it with such grace and beauty. After the death of their mother, two siblings who didnt always get along found solace in each other, until one has to move away for school. The themes in this book are timeless and well worth the reading.
The characters are well-developed and so three-dimensional you feel as if you know them, they are sitting there with you sharing their tale and this is beautiful writing, to be able to capture the readers imagination the way Chantal does is just mesmerizing.
This book is highly recommenable. Read in one sitting, its a sweet and memorable read.


Jb rated it 4 stars on Goodreads

Although this is not my normal read, I enjoyed the clarity, transparency and charm of the characters and the scenery. It was a unique bird's-eye-view into the lives of some loving people, and the chronicled account was very well written and sweet. I learned a lot about Canada that I'd like to see for myself someday. Kudos! :-)


E. Lund rated it 4 stars on Amazon

Harmony's life is not an easy one, with bumps at every twist in her life's round-about road. This young woman's tale reads as a day-in-the-life-of diary, closely detailing moment by moment everyday events, peppered with tragedy, health issues and challenges of a single mom.
Chantal Bellehumeur gives a glimpse behind the curtain of an "every mom" with sensitivity and compassion.

Angie Hall  rated it 4 stars on Goodreads and Amazon

Sometimes life throws you all sorts of curve balls and it leaves you feeling down in the dumps and all alone. Harmony had plenty of curve balls thrown at her in her life leaving her feeling often alone in her struggles.

At a young age, she lost her mother to cancer leaving her younger sister and herself to fend for themselves while their father worked long hours to support his children. Harmony became like a second mother to her sister Katherine. They were very close and it saddened her to leave Katherine when it was time to go to college.

College life turned out to throw more curve balls at Harmony. She got pregnant, dropped out, and married her child's father Robert. During this time, Harmony's father remarried and Katherine came of age and went to college herself. Surely life should get better now....but...

Life doesn't always treat us kindly. After things continue to go downhill for Harmony, she eventually finds the light at the end of the tunnel. She finally realizes after an adventure filled vacation at her sister's that despite all the bad things that have happened, she is truly not alone.

It was a touching story with many humorous moments. There's a long story behind a childhood doll that kept me giggling. It's a short read so if you ever have a few hours and in need of a good story, I'd recommend this one.


Jeffrey Overall  rated it 5 stars on Amazon

Like others who have left reviews, I really liked the honesty of the characters. They feel real to me and have their quirks, which helps the story along. I am looking forward to the follow-up and finding out how their lives progress from here. Living up to it's billing, this really is a feel-good book!


Curtman  rated it 5 stars on Amazon

Chantal Bellehumeur has created a delightful story that will ring true to readers of all ages. Although it is a work of fiction it certainly has the spirit of a memoir or journal and has a sincere realistic feel from beginning until end. Not Alone approaches hard topics such as grief, sisterhood, motherhood, divorce, and blended families with a softness that is heartfelt and truly relatable. Colorful descriptions of Canadian landscape litter the pages and make this novel a real pleasure to read. Chantal Bellehumeur is one to watch.


Ashli Cassidy  rated it 5 stars on Amazon

  Not Alone is a beautiful story of the bond between family.  The reader is not only experiencing Harmony's journey but Katherine's journey as well.  I thought of my sister while reading this book.  Our relationship was very similar to that of Harmony and Katherine's.  We weren't very close until the death of our grandmother pulled us together.  We have been inseparable ever since.
I feel that situations like that make this story believable.  Everyone has a moment in their life, whether it's good or bad, that brings them closer to their loved ones.  The writing style was very easy to follow, I felt like I was in the story experiencing all of Harmony's high and low points.
I would recommend this story to anyone who has felt alone at times only to realize that maybe they really weren't.

Melissa Chesloq  rated it 4 stars on Amazon

  This is a story of Harmony a single mom that has had to overcome many everyday obstacles to get where she is now. She has her son Andrew that is the light of her life and her boyfriend Christian that is supportive and wonderful with her son. Her sister Katherine lives in Moncton which is quite a ways from her in Montreal. Their mother died when they were kids and since then the sisters have become closer and closer. This story reads like a diary or journal of Harmony's life and trip to visit her sister. The descriptions of the sites they visit and day trips that they take were very well written. I felt as though I were actually there. This was a good story about love, family and overcoming adversity. The interactions between the sisters and all the characters was heartwarming and honest. This book truly felt as though I was watching someone's life happen right in front of me.


Cassandra rated it 4 of 5 stars on Goodreads

I felt a strong connection to Harmony! I felt her pains and was able to feel what she went through. It felt as though it were more of a diary of her life. It was very uplifting and an overall great story. She didnt just give up, she kept trudging forward! It is a feel good book that I would recommend if you are in need of a little sentimental reminder that there is always something to be grateful for. I love the doll antics and the closeness she keeps with her sister. Thanks for a fabulous Feel Good Chantal!


Myra Espino rated it 5 of 5 stars on her blog Ms. ME28 Reviews

**Complimentary copy provided by author for an honest review**
Not Alone, nice story and full of interesting experiences.
I love that I get attached to the character and the events that happened to her life.
I love how the story was relate-able.
The way the story was written is not like the one I normally encountered, and I loved it.
Harmony is a really good.
I love her personality.
She's easy to love and to relate with.
I love how the author brought her to life and I love how she handled things that happened to her life. 
The story, I love how relate-able the story was.
I love how the author brought the story in a much more interesting way and full of interesting happenings.
I recommend this book to readers who loved reading an inspiring and interesting story of an amazing mother and a woman, who will do the things for the people she loves.



Yelle Hughes        rated it         5 of 5 stars on Goodreads


Post by Blogger Urvee Tondwalker

Hello everyone! 
This is a book review about a very sensitive & graceful book by Chantal-Bellehumeur
She is a multi-genre author. She have 9 books published, and short stories plus poems in anthologies and compilation books.  Not alone is a novella!
It's of 104 pages. It's written in English. The language used is attractive and you'll simply understand it. The rating by Amazon for 'Not Alone' is 4 which are great.
You can watch the price about the books here
The main character involved here is 'Harmony' it's her story from childhood when her mother passed away, how did she handle everything after that.  How she faces every problem with positive hope. And soon how she heals all her pains and enjoys her life.
It definitely gives you an embellishing message that "Good days come to those who wait."
Here in this story Harmony was broken at some point & then she tries to face it and slowly & gradually her life improves. She waited and now she's happy.
All I want to say that it gives you a great message to "Feel confident & believe that you can do it!"
It made me go into my flash back and made me remember all the sweet memories during my childhood.
Don't forget to give it a go! It's really amazing & a stress less book. You'll surely like it.


Samantha Woods gave it 4 stars our of 5 on Amazon

Harmony has had a difficult life. She does not always get along with her sister Katherine although she
strives to change that. Harmony and Katherine will both face a series of challenges in life and even though
they may not live close together they will still have each other to help make it through the hard times.
My Opinion: I give this book 3.5 Hearts. I thought it was a very well written book. I agree with some other
reviewers that it was read kind of as a Diary. I thought it had a very good story line. I gave this book 3.5 hearts
because there were times that the book would get into very detailed descriptions about a place they visited on
a trip. These parts of the book I would begin to lose interest. Which is the reason I gave 3.5 hearts instead of 4.
Now some readers may find all the descriptive writing of a place they have not been very fascinating and I hope
that most do. With the exceptions of certain areas I found the book very enjoyable and found it very easy to
connect with Harmony and Katherine. I found the parts with the doll very amusing and could picture my
children doing something like that. I am currently reading another book by this author that I am enjoying
immensely. I definitely suggest reading.
'Read and Reviewed by LSK Sweetheart Reviews'  


 rated it 5 stars out of 5 on Goodreads
I thoroughly enjoyed reading Not Alone ,this is a completely different type of book to what I usually read, and I found it a very pleasant change I found this well written and beautiful story about Harmony life I felt like i was reading a real persons diary,I loved the fact that I could easily relate to the character and her everyday life.

Not Alone is told in a fantastic unique way.I absolutely loved reading about her relationship with others. And the fact that the story remind's us that we all have our down moments as life is not always easy but yet even if we feel like it we are never alone.


Cecily Angel Bonney        rated it         4 of 5 stars     on Goodreads        

This book was very good and I love all the characters in this story.
I love Harmony and she so has my heart, I teared up a lot in thia book.
I loved it, it is well written,  and it is such an easy read.


Kelly Hubbard        rated it         4 of 5 stars    on Goodreads        

It was like reading her diary. It was a good read.  I enjoyed it.


Denys rated it  5 Stars out of 5 on Goodreads


Comment from I Love Romance Novels (Facebook page):

This is a contemporary novella that's a feel-good story that's engaging, warm, and well-written.


Stephanie Gresham rated it  5 Stars out of 5 on Amanzon

Not alone is a story written in the first person narrative.  It reads like a diary.  Harmony tells us about how life was for her while growing up with her younger sister Katherine.  After losing her mother, she had to step up and fill that role for her younger sister.  The story goes on with her completing high school, going to college, and living her life.  It is an emotional tale about survival, family, love and relationships.  Well written to help the reader feel what is going on!


Comment posted on my Fan page by a giveaway winner.

I read Chantal's Not Alone and I was very impressed with her writing skills.  Not Alone is a 'feel good book' about a family getting together for a vacation.  I love the way Chantal communicates with her sister re 'we are making new family memories here'.  The family interaction and (guy friends) is outstanding.  I love the title which is very appropriate for this reading.  I also love the interaction with Andrew who is the young child in the story. (Andrew is about middle sc...hool age?) He is Chantal's son, n'est pas?
Also, Chantal's description of this area of Canada makes me want to go visit.  I'm an American Canadian who was born in Canada of American parents.  I would love to reconnect with this area of the world. 
Thanks, Chantal for sharing your excellent novel
Liz Gertwagen California, USA


Comment posted by a reader during my release event:

I finished reading this book a few days back and kind of needed to catch my breath. I found it a wonderful reaffirmation of personal and family ties that are most often thrown aside these days.
Well done Author Chantal Bellehumeur and keep 'em coming!


Carol Ann Koffman rated it  5 Stars out of 5 on Amanzon

"Not Alone" is the lovely, well-written story of Harmony, a young Canadian divorced mother who struggles daily with illness and feelings of depression and isolation.  Written in first person narrative, the story takes us on a journey of growth and maturity with Harmony as she discovers she is much stronger than she thought and that she is "not alone." The descriptions of the Canadian countryside are vivid and beautiful.  It was a joy to read.


Thomas S Golabek rated it  5 Stars out of 5 on Amanzon

This is a story of two sisters that were separated due to circumstance and distance
Harmony good humor, the oldest of the sisters, became closer to her sister and father after their mother's death at the age of 45.  She assumed some of her mother's responsibilities and her younger sister, Catherine started to see her as a mother figure.
A big responsibility for any child.  As they grew older, the sisters devolved a very good relationship of equals.  At the age of 19, Harmony moved to Montréal to attend the University.  By the end of the 1st semester.  Most of the nonfamily relationships had faded away
After a campus, party harmony she found herself pregnant.  Unwilling to commit to a long-term relationship.  She agreed to be officially his girlfriend.  Which lead to many interesting situations?
The forces of the normal family developments, and the distance the affect everyone's relationships.  And are not predictable.  The author interweaves these different situations, with an enchanting presentation.  It makes you wonder how much of this story fiction is real.
Good read, well worth your time.


Debbie rated it  5 Stars out of 5 on Goodreads

Not Alone by Chantal Bellehumeur is the story of Harmony Goodhumor. It is a story of growth and healing. Harmony has not had an easy time of it. A single mom, she feels very alone. She, her son and boyfriend decide to embark on a vacation to visit Harmony's sister Katherine. While visiting Katherine they have a wonderful time, reconnecting, sight seeing, a perfect trip. When they return home Harmony begins to feel lonely again. Then she realizes as long as there are people she loves and who love her she will never be alone.

This book takes you on a journey of self discovery. Very well written and told in a delightful way.


 rated it  5 Stars out of 5 on Goodreads
of life and love between sisters who are separated by not only distance but the rigors of life. The story of the evolution of their relationship is brought out much like a letter to another relative. A gentle look at family and the dynamics in a sibling relationship. I was given this ebook in exchange for a fair and honest review.


Kila Black rated Not Alone 5 stars our of 5 on Goodreads

Chantal Bellehumeur has created a delightful story that will ring true to readers of all ages. Although it is a work of fiction it certainly has the spirit of a memoir or journal and has a sincere realistic feel from beginning until end.
Not Alone approaches hard topics such as grief, sisterhood, motherhood, divorce, and blended families with a softness that is heartfelt and truly relatable.
Colorful descriptions of Canadian landscape litter the pages and make this novel a real pleasure to read. Chantal Bellehumeur is one to watch.


Author John R. Dizon rated Not Alone 5 stars our of 5 on Amazon

Not Alone by Chantal Bellehumeur is a charming tale of a time in the life of Harmony Goodhumor, a Canadian girl returning with her fiancée and boy child from the metropolis of Montreal to rediscover her roots in Moncton, New Brunswick. The bonding process between her intended Christian, her son Andrew and her sister Katherine brings a poignant intimacy to the storyline. It is enhanced by the descriptive narrative that immerses the reader in the rustic Moncton community. This is a feel-good novel with a strong taste of family sentiment that will warm your heart.


Author Jennifer Loiske rated Not Alone 5 stars our of 5 on Goodreads and Amazon

Not Alone is a beautifully written story about Harmony Goodhumor's life. It's very realistic and kind of diary-like and I loved the fact that the reader can so easily relate to the protagonist's everyday life. Harmony does not have an easy life, losing her mother when she was young, Dad re-marrying, with her illness and having serious problems with her marriage but then again that's what a real life is.
Life does not always go as planned and it doesn't have to. I think we all have our 'blue' moments but as the message in this warm story says, we can survive out of everything by loving our family and sticking together no matter how hard the times are.
Not Alone is also Harmony's sister, Katherine's, story, and having couple of sisters of my own I absolutely loved reading about their relationship. How it grew with the time and how important they were to each other.
Chantal Bellehumeur has unique way of writing about 'hard' things with an easy touch and keeping the story flowing no matter what the subject is. I read this story in a flash and found myself in a roller coaster of emotions. An absolute must read!


Comments sent to me by a reader:

1) halfway through your novel. I'd be done already but I've had a distracting day. Interesting writing style, it's like dropping in on someone else's life for a little while and just watching the little things.

2) Actually I'm almost done now. 30 pages left :) I'm finding the scenic descriptions very relaxing. An enjoyable read for sure:)