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A reader verbally requested me to write more stories about Emily and Wiliam because she really enjoyed the stories.  She sais she staled to read the last two because she did not want it to be over.  

Melissa Chesloq rated it 4 stars our of 5

This is a collection of short stories that were originally published in an online publication in Canada. The author combined them as one book which seemed to flow like a journal or diary of sorts. Emily is the main character and the stories follow her life for about a year. She goes through many of life's perils in this year but it is done in a manner that is realistic and relatable. The author doesn't seem to force the stories but rather lets them flow as though they are recollections one is having. Each individual story has it's own plot and theme which lends itself well to the entire collection as a whole. We see Emily go through life's big moments, motherhood, marriage, death of a loved one, everyday life in a manner that isn't trite or mundane. It was refreshing to read life as it happens without all the frivolous ribbons and bows. The author did a great job of describing the scenes so the reader felt as though they were in the apartment or at the funeral home or even on the cruise. The stories were well written and I enjoyed the whole collection.

Samantha Woods rated it 5 stars our of 5

This book is filled with short stories of eventful times in Emily's life. Some of which were events that have

taken place in the authors life.

My Opinion: I highly enjoyed this book. I loved all of these short stories. There were times that I laughed and

times that I cried. It was very well written and very heartwarming. Every story showed us a new adventure in

Emily's life. Including Nadia and William. I think you all would absolutely love this book like I did. I definitely

suggest reading!

'Read and Reviewed by LSK Sweetheart Reviews'

Amber Royce rated it 5 stars our of 5 on Goodreads:

When you are able to pull your reader into the story, as if the reader is standing in the midst of the story line/s, it allows us to live in a different world, during the time of the events.
You certainly have the ability to pull your readers in.
Thank you for choosing me as one of the lucky reviewers of this great compilation of stories.
-Author Amber M. Royse

Yelle Hughes        rated it         5 of 5 stars on Goodreads

 rated it 5 stars our of 5 on Goodreads:


I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

This was quite different from my usual read but I loved the story. It was like a refreshing wind and tickled my curiosity, making me turn page after page, revealing more and more of the life of Emily on every turn. 

This short story collection consists of twelve stories about Emily. It could be your story or maybe the story of the girl living next door. It is very detailed and realistic, telling about the small and big events of one girl’s life. Love, marriage, child, loss…everything that makes the life worth living. These stories were originally published on a magazine and I can easily imagine people sitting on a train and reading them. Waiting for the next volume to be published so that they could read more about Emily.

Great read for adults!


Cecily Bonney rated it 5 stars our of 5 on Goodreads


This book is so cute and I love the main characters. I feel as if I got to watch both of them grow

and that makes the book really good.

Emily and William are the cutest young couple ever. My heart broke for her in chapter 1

because I have been in her shoes before and she was a lot stronger then I was. I was in

awe over William, now he is a real man that takes care of his responsibilities. I enjoyed each

chapter but my favorite chapter was A Father's Promise. This chapter melted my heart when

her father was telling stories of Emily when she was younger. After reading this chapter I had

to call my dad and tell him how much I love him. This book will pull on your heartstrings for


Chantal Bellehumeur thank you for wanting me to read this book, it is a beautiful story. I hope

you continue this story till Emily and William are old and gray.

Review from Review and Blogger Sandra

In these twelve stories, we follow the life of Emily, a young and eager woman sifting through the challenges of everyday life.

Emily is a likable and sensible character full of integrity and hope. Most people will be able to relate to her wide-eyed naiveté as she struggles with her mistakes and tries to learn from them, but, in all honesty, you'd probably relate to her better if you were a mom (which I am not.)

 In "A Mother's Love," Emily experiences fear and angst as she figures out how to deal with the consequences of one passionate night. Terror follows Emily in "The Halloween Party." "An Unplanned Wedding" reminded me of the days I traveled through the streets of Rome with sights such as Piazza di San Pietro, Colosseo, Fontana di Trevi, The Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill, while "Emily's Birthday Getway" prompted me to jot down places to see when I visit New York.

The stories express endurance, happiness, and love in one tight, little package. At times, they felt a little dry and flavorless. Sometimes "brevity is the soul of wit," and I think the stories could've benefited more from that to avoid some of the mundane details. There were also a few typos scattered about; some would completely change the meaning of the sentence, which might've been confusing if you weren't paying attention.

Overall, the stories were okay. Clearly they were intended for the sentimental crowd, especially since they were originally published for a family-oriented magazine.

I may check out her other stories. Veronica's Soap Opera Life and Just.Another.Common.Killer sound more compelling.