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Harmony Lawson        rated it         5 of 5 stars  on Goodreads

Stephen Swartz        rated it         4 of 5 stars  on Goodreads

Comment by reader Chris:

Check out the lovely and talented Chantal Bellehumeur's novels. I've read her book of short stories and each story is very entertaining. Her strength for character development and setting descriptions have the people and places in her stories jumping off the page.

Malin Engelbrektsson said the following about the story "Baby Doll," which was posted as a book excerpt on Figment.

I Got surprised when I read it, but it was a good surprise! I did not expect to read anything like this but I think the story is really good and very well written, as expected. What really got me, as a reader, captured by your story was the beginning where the husband comes home with a baby - which his wife did not expect. That was a nice twist added to the story!